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Company profile

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QCAC is an international comprehensive services company dedicated to serving both international and Chinese enterprises, covering six business areas – one-stop brand services, brand IP right protection, corporate business security risk control, CFDA cosmetics registration, cultural brand communication & derivation, and exchanges between Chinese and foreign enterprises.

In our 20 plus years of history, QCAC has provided one-stop brand risk control services for about 200 international enterprises from more than 20 industries. We are one of the first and most experienced IP service providers in China. We have very good governmental resources in both China and Japan and an innovative elite investigation team (specialized in handling difficult cases), and are familiar with the cultures, thoughts and ways of cooperation of international enterprises. Besides, we have been cooperating closely with famous law firms from both home and abroad to provide enterprises with such services as brand strategy planning, risk control and protection, etc., as well as most forwarding, creative and powerful support and help.


We have set up subsidiaries in Shanghai, Tokyo, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Hong Kong.


QCAC’s service culture: Integrity, Genuineness, Legality, Compliance, Customer First, Striving to Build a Secure Environment for the Development of Chinese and Foreign Enterprises.


※Profile of QCAC’s Founder & Chairman

Mr. David Pan (Pan Deshan), Executive Deputy President of China Anti-Infringement and Anti-Counterfeit Innovation Strategic Alliance (CAASA) and Honorary President of Hong Kong Private Detective Association, has been studying, investigating and monitoring strategic risks faced by international brands (enterprises) in China since 1998. For the past 20 years, he has provided services for about 200 Japanese enterprises of all sizes from over 20 industries, with extensive practical experiences in, among others, planning healthy operation of international brands’ China strategies, internal and external business risks of brands (enterprises), IP investigation and protection, etc. He has the forward-looking, innovative, strategic and practical power of execution.


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